A Baker's Sweet Guide

How To Enjoy Kaiser Buns

Fresh bread has a warm, welcoming scent and an irresistible softness. There's no better place to get bread than a bakery because bakeries give you options you can't find anywhere else. You'll have the opportunity to purchase the type of bread that best fills your culinary need. Kaiser buns are a type of bread made in a deli-style. They're sometimes dusted with poppy seeds or sesame seeds for a crunchy texture, and they feature a beautiful swirl pattern on top. Here are four ways you can enjoy kaiser buns once you bring them home.

1. Sandwiches

Kaiser buns make excellent sandwich bread. They're the perfect size for a single serving, so you won't have to spend time slicing an entire loaf. Simply cut your kaiser bun in half, then fill it with whatever toppings you desire. The heartiness of a kaiser bun is an excellent match for softer fillings like tuna salad or egg salad. Some people even make hamburgers using kaiser buns to hold the patty and toppings.

2. Soup

Soup is a comforting warm meal on a cold day, but it can feel insubstantial on its own. The addition of a kaiser bun can make soup a filling meal. Serve your kaiser bun with softened butter for a little extra indulgence. Many people enjoy dipping their kaiser buns into their soup when they eat this combination.

3. Breakfast

Kaiser buns also make an excellent breakfast. If you're in a hurry in the morning, it's fast and easy to grab a kaiser bun on your way out the door. If you have a little extra time, you can put your roll in the oven for a few minutes to warm it up. Warm, soft kaiser rolls are delicious when served with jam. Eat your kaiser roll by itself or pair it with fruit, yogurt, or eggs for a larger meal.

4. Salad

Kaiser buns can even be used to make any salad even better. The richness of the bread easily complements the watery texture of most salads. Kaiser rolls can be served on the side, or you can use them to make croutons. If you decide to make croutons out of your kaiser rolls, simply slice the bread into small, uniform chunks. Lightly toss these chunks with olive oil, salt, and pepper, then toast them in the oven until they become crispy. This is an excellent use for bread that has started to become stale.